Step 1:

When ICC on-boards a new capital raise venture, the first step is Ignition®, the core product of Ignition Institute. The Ignition® process prepares the organization for capital investment by stress testing every element of the plan, financial model, the market, the team, roles, waste, opportunity, assumptions and even the sentiment of the team in general. If a team is not aligned around the vision, mission, and values of the organization, execution is made exponentially more difficult. Employing a strategy execution assessment in conjunction with Ignition®, the probability of success is powerfully improved.

Step 2:

Raising capital is a delicate balance of track record, connection to fit-for-purpose capital sources, investable ventures, investable teams, and deep due diligence. Once the Ignition® is complete, ICC utilizes the ignition output data in summarized form to navigate the transaction and take it through to closing; but it does not stop there. In fact, this is when the real work begins.

Step 3

Culture may win convincingly over strategy but without execution we are all dead in the water.
~Dr. Simon Mills

The reasons that strategic plans fail in the implementation phase are many, but they boil down to one discernible element; accountability. Ignition Capital utilizes Ignition Institutes’s proprietary method to deliver adherence to the plan in which the investment capital was deployed to achieve. Ignition Capital stays in the role of execution facilitator for a minimum of 24 months in every case. This process is designed to deliver the best possible outcome for all utilizing enterprise level principals and framework. 


before, during, and after takeoff

Ignition® is a three stage process that begins with immersion interviews with all members of the team. Through collation, pattern reading, and summarization we prepare for the strategy room where an intense session sets up the organization for success in every element of the raise. The third phase begins post-raise where the strategic plan is locked in and held to account. Attention to execution keeps the team on track and investment capital deployed according to expectations. 


Benefits of the execution focus


Inventing the future is hard

Raising Capital

Requires the perfect storm of ~100+ elements. If you don't have +80% of them in place, you probably will not succeed


Investing in the future is hard


Engaging the highest level of strategy execution expertise at little or no upfront cost is an easy decision